How to Use the Bandit in Clash Royale

Even though it is pretty new card and some of you may say that it is early to give an opinion about it, I must share my impressions of the Bandit with you guys, and so far they are only positive. But, I must admit I have seen a lot of players using Bandit in strange ways and to be honest, I think that many of them don’t really understand how to exactly utilize her in the best way yet. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that I am an expert and I have all the answers, but I did want to start off by giving you my early thoughts and first impressions of it.

First of all, you should know that the Bandit is not a tank. As obvious as this may sound to some of you, I felt the need to point this out, because, I often see players playing her behind the King Tower as if she was going to start a big push, or some of them play her with a Musketeer behind her which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but she is not a high HP troop plus she is not a good counter to any of the troops really, depending on the circumstance, but in most cases she is not your best counter. So, keep that in mind and just to give you an example, she has about half of the Hit Points that the Knight has.

The right way you should use the Bandit is behind a tank (Giant, Pekka, GS) as part of a beat down push because she is very good in those situations and if she reaches the Tower, she can do a lot of damage. Another way to use her is as a surprise unit at the bridge, in fact some of you might already have run on someone using her in this way, she can be extremely effective if she is able to hit the Tower on her rush when she is tough to counter and you’ve got to think on your feet if you are the defender.

So, defensively, you will want to use her against range units. She is good against the Musketeer, she is good against the Electro Wizard, she is good against the regular Wizard as well, so it is those mid-range HP units you will want to use her against. You shouldn’t use her against troops like the Executioner, a Knight or a Valkyrie. However, you can use her to distract defensively. That’s a really good way to use her and then combo her in to a great push on offence.

That will be all for this post guys I hope you have learned something useful you can incorporate in your game-play and get the maximum out of the Bandit in Clash Royale. My thoughts about her are overall positive and remember she is a unique card that cost only 3 Elixir but serves a really unique role in the game. There is no card like her without rush-invincible and rush-invulnerable ability she has with the extra damage on impact.

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March 21, 2017

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